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Caritas Egypt automates its financial system

Caritas – Egypt automates its financial system

For 3 days training on the second week of July 2017, Tito from Perspectivity conducted training around the financial reform in Caritas Egypt with 20 Accountants of Caritas’s programs coming from the headquarters and Caritas offices.
Basically, the focus of the workshop was to do what we call a business process review and also a reporting requirement study and that was mainly focusing on the basic education project as a bigger initiative which is automation of the financial information system as a stepping stone in the preparation for the actual implementation of the new financial system. To find out the typical processes and procedures that they use in the organization to be able to do their job and then to document it and then at the same time to look at ways to improve it in terms of before going into It is part of a bigger initiative which is the automation of the financial information system for Caritas.

The idea is to identify efficiencies where things can be made better in terms of the time .the term around time in return of the in term of the number of documents or papers that had been produced to combine some of the different forms that are being used and to also clarify the practices on more older people involved and it is an unresolved of looking at how it can be made more efficient and more before the actual automation.

The expected benefits:

Then Well, personally I think what is important is that fact that we are looking for ways of making the work more efficient so in preparation for automation it’s designed to produce No.1 a way by when work can be done faster no. No. 2 more valuable in terms of the validity of it because there only checks and balances in terms of the work that has been done by another person and all that we try to limit the duplication work and duplication work with the reports that I needed so it is within ….. Kind of limiting the paper work.
Besides, in automation, there have to be standard practices that will be done we also started talking about and discussing the combination of all the financial and … policies involved in the conduct of the work in the basic education sector as a beginning.

The difficulties:

I guess the documentation’s part is always difficult while people who are at the workshop are very close to their job you know there they have been doing this for a long time.

The fears:

Well, the amount of time needed to do this enormous to people must be willing to develop time for that.
The hopes:
I hope to implement the automation project and also to really create the financial management reform in terms of the organization this is really a corner stone of financial management reform.

If I want to give a tip to make progress:
Well, I guess it is important to keep up with the process because everyone has to be walking at the same base you know you can’t leave people behind everyone both doing the data-entry and the financial management all move together as one group you cannot leave someone behind.