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Children In Expertise


Care for children at risk

Many Egyptian children miss out on the benefits of education because they are from vulnerable groups and have lost shelter and family. They originate from indigenous families or minority groups. They are disabled, are orphans or homeless, and run the risk of being abused or exploited.

The Caritas nurseries/medico-social centres are places where around 2.000 kids are welcomed. This is where they can enjoy learning and playing in their ‘second house’ and develop social skills. In addition we sensitize young mothers on pregnancy and health issues, provide nutrition and vaccination programs. We facilitate family re-integration and re-entry in society.


Contact in Cairo:
Mr. Magdy Garas (Director of the sector)
E: magdy.garas@caritas-egypt.org
T: (02)24327651

Contact in Alexandria:
Mrs. Mareez Amin (Co-ordinator of Pre school)
E: mareez.amin@caritasalex.org
T: (03)4806306/7