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Persons with disabilities

For quality of life

The Caritas SETI Center (Support, Education, Training for Inclusion), established in 1986, works on improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities and their families.

We use a family and community oriented approach, which considers the immediate environment to be the main factor for the rehabilitation and integration process for people with disabilities. Through cooperation between skilled organizations and the local community, service costs are kept low and affordable.

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Contact: Mrs. Janette Samir (Communication Officer)
E: janet.samir@caritas-egypt.org
T: (02)25905148 – (+20)1211895588

Contact: Information SETI Centers:
Mrs. Eglal Chenouda (Director)
E: eglalch.chenouda@caritas-egypt.org
T: (02)25905148 – (+20)1211895588