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Youth leadership

Young Egyptian volunteers learn how to improve social development in Egypt

Egypt is a young society. More than 80% of the Egyptian population is under the age of 45. One third is younger than 18. It is crucial that the emerging generation is protected and sensitized as makes its way to adulthood. They are the ones that will have to ensure the future success and progression of Egypt, especially in light of current political, social and economic unrest.

Caritas Egypt helps to create and nurture groups of young Egyptian volunteers to lead their peers in cultural and educational activities that improve social development and attitudes towards Egyptian society. The 515 young Egyptians participating in this programme will also gain valuable skills and experiences to enter the job market.


With our youth integration programme, we:

  1. Encourage young people to participate positively in the development of their society
  2. Protect young people against the dangers of drug addiction, AIDS and diseases
  3. Provide young people with an opening to human, cultural and social experiences, both local and international
  4. Raise public awareness about the importance of youth development in Egypt.


  • Establish socio-cultural clubs in each governorate
  • Train local youth volunteers
  • Extend clubs to smaller surrounding villages
  • Monitor the implementation and evaluation of outputs and impacts of the targeted Egyptian youth
  • Establish an effective follow-up system
  • Set up a communication system between the six governorates, so they can learn from each other
  • Publish and distribute information about the importance of youth development in the communities

Facts & Figures


  • 515 Egyptian youth (12-25 years old)
  • 1,545 family members of the Egyptian youth (average 3 per participant)
  • Future generations (approximately 4,120 individuals for the next two generations)


  • Assiut (80 youth)
  • Cairo (120 youth)
  • Giza (90 youth)
  • Luxor (90 youth)
  • Minya (60 youth)
  • Qaliubiya (75 youth)

Period: 24 months

Project Budget: EUR 230,104 (EU contribution)


  • UN World Food Programme


  • Implementation of local offices to support the concept of volunteering and youth participation
  • Modification of Egyptian values and traditions concerning youth roles in Egypt
  • Witness the wellbeing of young people and their safety from the dangers of drugs and diseases
  • Provide youth with the opportunity of professional work in Caritas projects and general employment
  • Share lessons learned on youth development

More info

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Fouad Chawki Saleh
Responsible in the field
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