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Fighting leprosy at Abu Zabal center

A new life for leprosy patients through treatment and rehabilitation

Egypt’s view of leprosy, as in many countries of the world, is that of a secret disease that people do not dare to integrate in social life. This is mainly due to ignorance about the actual disease and about the psychological effects on those who suffer from it.

Leprosy also known as Hansen’s disease- is curable. Through efficient medicine, the patient can become non-contagious in a short period of time.

In 1932, long after the disease appeared, the Ministry of Health founded a specialized hospital to fight against leprosy. The institution is located in Abu Zabal in the governorate of Qalubiya. This is near the village of Al Shaheed Abd al Mon’em Riyadh where in 2015 almost 75% of the population were former leprosy patients.

Reintegration and awareness

Caritas Egypt is dedicated to improving the lives of patients in the leprosy hospital. Society needs to acknowledge that the disease and disability are the causes of poverty. Our aim is to give leprosy patients the opportunity to be an active and useful member of society again.


Patients receive:

  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Social rehabilitation
  • Vocational training

We aim to change public opinion about the disease through:

  1. Raise health awareness about leprosy in Egypt through education and proper illustration of the disease
  2. Encouragement for early detection and continuous treatment of patients
  3. Motivate the community to help leprosy patients and their families and take advantage the health and preventive services in their environment (government and private)

Facts and figures

Beneficiaries: Patients of leprosy (Hansen’s disease)
Where: 18 governorates
Period: 24 months
Project Budget: EGP 1,500,000


  • Egyptian Ministry of Health (Department of Leprosy Lute)
  • German Society for the Care of Leprosy Patients
  • Belgian Damien Association for the Care of Leprosy Patients


  • Raise awareness and eliminate the stigma of leprosy in Egypt
  • Expand and continue successful treatment and rehabilitation of patients across the 18 governorates in Cairo
  • Train medical practitioners and specialists on the early detection of the disease
  • Provide treatment of leprosy on the national level, free of charge


Magdy Garas
E: magdy.garas@caritas-egypt.org
T: (202) 24310201 – 24310318

Milad Mankarius
Responsible in the field
E: milad.mankarius@caritas-egypt.org
T: 01224785638