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Care for psychological patients in Greater Cairo

Helping those who suffer from psychological illnesses, often rejected by society

Psychological health is a stigma in Egyptian society. People are encouraged to hide illnesses related to it. We do not know how to deal with people who possess psychological disorders; instead, they are isolated and marginalized. This does not help the community or the patient in any way and worsens the condition of those affected.

Care for the psychological well-being of every person ensures that they live a stable and healthy life, built upon societal connections and education.

Care and awareness

Caritas Egypt collaborates with government hospitals that have the poorest patients and cannot afford good medical care. Besides providing care, we raise awareness of psychological problems and intend to eliminate the stigma that surrounds it.


The main objectives are achieved through a variety of activities:

  1. Awareness raising campaigns on psychological health in private and public schools, youth clubs and in the media
  2. Volunteer training
  3. Specialist psychological and social training for patients in hospitals
  4. Reintegration of patients through rehabilitation units
  5. Reconnect patients with their families and assist them in sustaining their connection by encouraging visits and providing loans.

Facts and Figures

Beneficiaries: Patients in government hospitals
Where: Cairo, Helwan, Khanka and 3 other governorates
Period: 3 years (with possibility of renewal)
Project Budget: EUR 294,636
Partners: Civil society institutions such as schools, employers, youth clubs, friends of psychological patients association


  • Improve living conditions of the patient
  • Provide training and rehabilitation for the patient
  • Strengthen family ties and assist in successful integration
  • Raise awareness in society


Magdy Garas
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Elham HelmyResponsible in the field:
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T: 0124785304