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Refugee support along the Meditarranean coast

Counselling, training and cash support to vulnerable Syrian refugees

Caritas enhances access to basic needs and improves the socio-economic well-being of refugees on the Mediterranean coast. Currently, over 200,000 refugees and asylum-seekers are registered with UNHCR Egypt. Over half are from Syria, and we assist them in 8 governorates along Egypt’s north coast. 

Refugees in the north of Egypt have difficulties in finding employment and are not able to meet their costs of living, including curative health care costs. Due to a lack of suitable community spaces, they struggle to meet, socialize, learn, engage and contribute to their own protection and well-being.

Assessing and meeting basic needs

Caritas-Egypt works on improving the physical, social and economic well-being of refugees through multiple interventions. This includes cash assistance, counseling services, community centers, health interventions, livelihood programmes and support for detainees.

Together with UNHCR, Caritas initiated the Egypt Vulnerability Assessment for Refugees (EVAR) to better understand the situation and needs of Syrian refugees.

Our main activities

Cash assistance for vulnerable refugees

 Through Caritas, UNHCR provides grants for a restricted period to a limited number of extremely vulnerable refugees. Caritas social workers conduct home visits to identify and assess the needs of these most vulnerable refugees, in particular from Syria. Home visits or office interviews are also scheduled for refugees of other nationalities.

Counseling and referral services

 Caritas provides counseling services on cash assistance, livelihood opportunities and EVAR assessment inquire. If we cannot meet specific needs, we refer to other partners.

Livelihood programme

Our livelihood programme offers:

  • Soft skills training, such as negotiation skills, communication skills, and time management
  • Vocational training that meets beneficiaries’ and Egyptian market needs
  • Job opportunities or grants to start small projects
  • Business management training for those who receive the grant to start a small business
  • Healthcare

 All refugees in Egypt have access to primary healthcare services at the Ministry of Health centers. They offer vaccinations, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, primary laboratory, nutritional support, mother and child health services and dental services.Caritas medical team provides complementary services to public health package

Community mobilization and empowerment

In coordination with UNHCR, refugee and local communities, Caritas manages two community centers in Alexandria and Damietta. The centers act as a safe space for refugee and local communities, and as a service hub with different activities provided and facilitated by refugees, refugee communities and members of the local communities.

Facts & figures

Beneficiaries: 37,000 refugees and asylum seekers registered with UNHCR

Region: Eight governorates in the north coast of Egypt: Alexandria, Damietta, Dakahliya, Gharbeya, Matrouh, Elbeheira, Kafr El-Sheikh and Port Said

Period: Since 1988 till present, the High Commissioner for the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) has entrusted CaritasEgyptas Executive Agent of its program of aid to refugees in Egypt.


  • The Business Men Association
  • Specialized training centers
  • Private sector partners
  • Youth & cultural centers
  • Various initiatives and activity service providers
  • The network of NGOs working with refugees


Safeguarded the basic rights and needs of the most vulnerable refugees, those who cannot cover their basic needs, via monthly and emergency cash assistance.

  • Improved and developed technical and managerial capabilities of the identified project enrolled refugees and asylum seekers; to strengthen their effectiveness and efficiency to meet market needs as per their career path, during the project lifespan.
  • Created a balanced community space, to learn and participate in addressing issues and activities suitable for children, adolescents, adults, elderly and persons with special needs of all gender and ages.
  • Extended treatment and follow-up for refugees suffering from chronic illnesses within a care cost ceiling.
  • Provided food packages and medical support for persons in detention centers.


Mr. Amir Kamal
Refugees Project Manager
E: amirkamal@caritasalex.org
M: 01224785416