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Youth awareness on reproductive health and early marriage

Youth learning their reproductive rights to confidently protect themselves from harmful practices

Unfortunately, a number of Egyptian traditions and customs are harmful. This project raises awareness and confidence to chose alternative behaviours, for example rejecting early marriage, FGM (female circumcision), sibling marriage, and refraining from sexual harassment. We assist youth and help them overcome challenges through increasing awareness of youth and their families. We educate them about their rights and how to claim these.

Our strategy

For reaching our goals, we are sticking to the following strategy:

  • Partnership with other Community Development Associations (CDAs)
  • Form a trained teamwork inside the society to grantee continuity
  • Direct interaction with youth throughout awareness sessions and their families as well

Our activities

  • Choose the right partners in the CDA’s. This is the hardest point because our issues and topics are sensitive in our society
  • Train these partners about reproductive health issues.
  • Youth discussion groups (from 14-18 years). We divide them into boys and girls groups in order to break the ice and let them speak freely. Each group duration is two months. We discuss the following topics: anatomy and functions of the reproductive system, puberty and adolescence, early marriage, FGM, AIDS, medical examination before marriage and violence against girls/women in all her life circle.
  • Pre-marriage sessions with youth from 19-24 years. We divide them into men and women to discuss and share their thoughts freely. We discussed the following topics: Reproductive health concepts, anatomy and functions of the reproductive system, early marriage, FGM, AIDS, medical examination before marriage, violence against girls/women in all stages of their life, choosing life partner, sexual relationship, pregnancy, giving birth and family planning. Each group duration is six days.
  • Youth family sessions. Regularly we organize a session to discuss violence against women, early marriage, sibling marriage, FGM and sexual education for children.
  • Home visits to ensure family awareness.
  • Children’s festivals, twice within the period of the project. The main aim is to raise awareness of children against sexual harassment, early marriage, FGM and discover their talents.
  • Counseling center to help youth to tell their problems freely and securely. We have opened counseling centers twice a week, a day for girls and another day for boys with counseling consultants.

Our main beneficiaries are youth between 14 – 24 years (males and females).

Project duration was for two years.

We worked in Alexandria, Minia, Assiut, Sohag and Luxor.


  • “ I wish somebody educated me how harmful early marriage is, before I got married”
  • A girl who suffered from FGM said: “ I will never do the same in my daughter”


Dr. Magdy Helmy, Director Reproductive Health
T: (202) 22007252
E: magdy.helmy@caritas-egypt.org