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Socio-Medical Centers: Nurseries and affordable clinics in poor areas of greater Cairo

Affordable health and education in greater Cairo

Five Socio-Medical Centres  serve the most vulnerable communities of greater Cairo with affordable nurseries, clinics, services for persons with disability, literacy and empowerment of illiterate adults and professional vocational training for women. Caritas makes great efforts to offer these services at low cost to the most disadvantaged, regardless of religion and gender. Thus, the majority of our visitors are Muslims and poor people, while persons with disability also find their way to our centres.

The nurseries and adult education classes not only impart literacy and foreign language skills, but also empower our clients for a better role in society through discussions on health and hygiene, citizenship and human rights, and by teaching vocational skills, such as sewing. The centers also function as meeting places of citizens and local leaders of the neighbourhood, where plans for community development emerge.

Facts & figures

Beneficiaries: In 2017 we served over 90,000 persons, notably:

  • 84,285 medical visits
  • 961 children in nurseries
  • 357 adults in literacy activities
  • 215 people with disability

Budget: In principle our centres are self-financing, as we charge minimal fees for the services we offer. However, we greatly benefit from gifts, such as medical equipment and voluntary teachers.


Antoinette Alfy
Director Socio-Medical Centers
E: antoinette.alfy@caritas-egypt.org
M: +20 12247 85623