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Life skills for street children in Cairo

Assisting children at risk to improve their quality of life and build a stable and dignified place in society

Street children are a tangible problem in all major cities in Egypt. Children living in the streets face a lot of problems because they are unprotected and face all forms of violence, such as getting arrested, drug abuse, harassment and risky behavior.

Caritas Egypt aims to reintegrate children at risk in society and in their families. We provide job opportunities and help them live a normal life.

A unique rehabilitation plan for each child

To facilitate successful integration of the child, we:

  • Identify problems the child faces and cause of the current situationEnsure the child obtains rights to proper care and facilities
  • Create a unique rehabilitation plan for each child
  • Help children get access to official documents and legal aid
  • Provide a full-time facilitator to assist with integration and find employment


  • Mobile learning units
  • Art workshops
  • Trips and camps
  • Loans
  • Health assistance
  • Vocational training

Facts and Figures

Beneficiaries: Children (13-18 years old)
Where: Cairo, Giza, Qaliubiya
Period: 3 years
Budget: EGP 1,376,050 (EUR 66,219)
Partners: Day Care Centre for Protection of Children at Risk Girls and Boys, Kafr El Sissi, Pyramids, Giza


  • 150 children literacy certificates
  • 200 children reintegrate into their families
  • Job opportunities for 100 trained children
  • Provide loans to 150 families with children at risk
  • Document teaching program with the Ministry of Education for children coming to the mobile unit
  • Market products created by children through exhibitions
  • Integrate children talented in sport into clubs or youth centres


Magdy Garas
E: magdy.garas@caritas-egypt.org
T: (202) 24310201 – 24310318

Ibrahim Wadie
Responsible in the field
E: ibrahim.wadie@caritas-egypt.org
T: 0122 2445729

 Mervette Mounir
E: mervette.mounir@caritas-egypt.org
T: 0128 8612765