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Empowering women to execute their rights in Alexandria

“Take a Step” teaches 10,000 girls and women

Many women -especially in rural areas and slums- don’t have equal opportunities. Family or community members violate their rights because of sex, gender or cultural beliefs. The women thus start believing that they don’t have rights and underestimate themselves.

Caritas Alexandria makes women aware of their human rights. We help them to understand their true value and role in society and encourage them to take their own decisions.

Training female change agents in the communities 

In the “Take a Step” programme, Caritas Alexandria created a manual with scientific and practical information about women’s rights. We then trained 40 female change agents of Local Community Development Organisations (LCDOs) to teach women and children in their communities. This way we were able to reach 10.000 persons with a limited budget.

Women rights, reproductive health and violence reduction

  1. Women’s rights classes on topics such as: communication skills, obtaining official papers, heritage sessions, etc.
  2. Health camps for girls on their reproductive system, psychological and physical changes during adolescence and the dangers of early marriage
  3. Awareness sessions for mothers to make them aware of the dangers of early marriage
  4. Psychological support for married couples to reduce violence against women by discussing differences and consequently communicate better with each other.

Facts & figures


  • 40 female facilitators of LCDOs
  • 1,897 women (age 15 – 40)
  • 5,338 girls (age 10 – 14)
  • 2,408 mothers
  • 390 married couples


  • Alexandria (rural areas and suburbs)
  • Beheira


  1. Phase 1: June 2014 – May 2017
  2. Phase 2: June 2017 – March 2018

Project budget and sponsor

  • Project implementation €78,000 (Irish embassy)
  • Production of the “Take a step” manual: EGP 250,000 (Caritas Spain)

Local partners

7 Local Community Development Organisations, namely: Sidy Aly El Samaak, Tanzeem El Osra (Family Planning), El Rahma in Damanhour, El Sanaa in Abou Homos, Tanmeyat El Mogtamaa, Village 1, Idku, Tanmeyat El Mogtamaa, 6th October, Idku, Mansheyet El Amal, Idku


  • 27 new initiatives based on specific needs, including issuing national ID cards, exhibitions to help women sell handcraft and leather products, etc.
  • Women who participated in the sessions now know their rights and different ways in how to execute them, including better communication skills to interact with their husband and children.
  • Several women started their own micro-projects and are now contributing to the family income.
  • Some girls decided not to marry before the age of 18 and they convinced their families to break up their engagement.

More info

Contact: Mrs. Dalia Mofed
Project responsible for Women Empowerment Programme
E: dalia.mofed@caritasalex.org
T: (03)4806306/7