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Teenagers in Alexandria learn to face sexual harassment

Boys and girls learn to recognize and address unwanted intimacy

Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) campaigns teach teenagers in schools and scouts to face sexual harassment and speak out for their rights. Sexual harassment by teenage boys is a common phenomenon in Egypt. Due to daily harassment incidents, girls are having a tough time in mixed schools and out on the streets. Most incidents are not officially reported by the victims, due to cultural barriers and misrecognition of rights.

The Women Empowerment team in Caritas Alexandria took a leading step to address this persisting problem so that girls become aware of their rights to protect themselves and are encouraged to speak out against the harasser. Boys on the other hand, are made aware of gender equality, non-violent communication, personal boundaries, and the concepts of equality, freedom, and respect.

Training school teachers and scout leaders

Caritas Alexandria trained 17 facilitators, both school teachers, and scout leaders, on gender equality and sexual harassment in order to convey the messages to teenagers in their communities. The training was delivered in partnership with HarassMap – a volunteer-based initiative. In addition, a sports day was conducted by Reshape – a community organization that conveys messages through sports – to encourage the development of role models for teenagers in schools or scouting clubs.

Awareness, sports, theatre, and arts

We conducted four complementary activities to convey the message to both girls and boys:

  1. Awareness sessions discussing different forms of sexual harassment, gender equality, how to protect oneself, the right to speak out and respect.
  2. Sports days using “Sports for Change” by Reshape to convey messages concerning SGBV and gender equality. This helps both boys and girls to deliver the message in a healthy and interactive manner.
  3. Interactive theatre and arts that strengthen the messages delivered concerning SGBV by Gwana and Caritas Youth Movement.
  4. Leadership training through sports to some of the teenagers that attended the program to be leaders and deliver the message to their community.

Facts & figures


  • 17 female and male facilitators (school teachers and scout leaders)
  • 600 girls and boys between 12 – 18 (300 girls and 300 boys)


  • El Sherouk Local Community Development Organization (LCDO) in Abys
  • Scout of Youth center in El Haramein
  • Scout of Youth center in Abu Quir
  • El Samaak LCDO in Gheit El Einab


  • Partner LCDOs and Scouts (El Sherouk, El Samaak, El Haramein Youth center, Abu Quir Youth center)
  • Caritas Youth Movement
  • Harassmap
  • Reshape Egypt (for sports)
  • Gwana (interactive theatre)


August 2017 to April 2018

Project budget and sponsor

Funded by Secours Catholique – Caritas France with a budget of €16,000


  • 17 school teacher and scout leader are trained on sexual and gender-based violence and how to convey the message to teenagers against sexual harassment
  • 300 girls attended the campaign activities and can identify the different types of sexual harassment and have the courage to take actions and speak out
  • 300 boys attended the campaign activities and are aware of gender equality, women rights, and women’s point of view towards harassment and have the skills to behave in a non-violent manner
  • 25 girls and boys trained on leadership skills and implement activities to convey the message in their communities.

More information

  • Contact: Mrs. Dalia Moufid
    Project responsible for Women Empowerment Program
  • E: moufid@caritasalex.org
  • T: (03)4806306