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Developing youth volunteers in Alexandria

Youth club nurtures leadership and responsible citizenship

The concept of volunteering is still underdeveloped in Egypt; only a few organizations actively work with volunteers. However, since 1977 Caritas develops youth cadres to lead social work in Alexandria, and our socio-culture youth club is still vibrant four decades later. Muslims and Christians take social action inside and outside Caritas programs. Many of our prominent staff today, first joined us as volunteers many years ago.

“Volunteering in Caritas’ youth projects is more than just giving time; it’s a lifestyle.”

Facts & figures


  • Boys and girls from primary, preparatory and secondary schools
  • University students
  • Recent graduates
  • NGOs and other youth movements and activities
  • Muslims and Christians

Where: Alexandria governorate

Local partners

  • Caritas projects – The youth volunteers are serving cross-cutting all Caritas projects
  • French schools – Offer places to implement our activities and time for volunteers to promote volunteer opportunities to students
  • Other international NGOs working in Egypt


  • Registered youth socio-culture club in the Ministry of Social Solidarity (January 2017)
  • Partnership and liaison with different Caritas projects in the MENA region (Jordon, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iraq)
  • Partnership with European partners to realize youth exchange opportunities
  • The project managed to attract and enrolled more volunteers from different age groups, including 25 in primary sector, 75 in preparatory sector, 100 in secondary sector, 100 in university sector and more than 50 post graduates
  • Families are more aware and encouraged about their son’s and daughter’s involvement in the project implemented activities including the capacity buildings program and the formation camps
  • A training-of-trainers team is now available from among youth volunteers to take the lead and intervene among their fellow members (15 trainers)
  • The project volunteers are now acting as a ready available asset for all Caritas intervention projects
  • Developed a code of conduct including duties, roles, rights and punishment system
  • Database with youth volunteer data acts as a cornerstone for project implementation
  • Caritas youth volunteers are more aware and appreciate their role in the national and international level

More info

Ms. Mary Ramzy
Youth project manager
E: mary.ramzy@caritasalex.org
T: (03) 4806306/7
M: (+20) 1224036127