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About Us

Vision and Mission

We envision a society where positive values are shared and wherein all people live in justice and dignity. A world characterised by equality and tolerance with regards to race, sex, religion and social status. A place where we care for the vulnerable people in our communities.

We strive for social change by respecting the principles of human rights. We build awareness, provide expertise and support vulnerable people and fragile communities. We empower them and create opportunities, so that they may realise their potential and participate in social, economic and cultural life. We work with local, national and international partners – civil society organisations, the business community and governments alike – to foster sustainable development.

Caritas Egypt is a non-governmental Egyptian organization registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs in 1967 under No. 1150. It has been recognized as a public utility organization in 1975.

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How we work

Four key principles guide our work:

  • At Caritas Egypt it all begins with people. We believe that every person is a worthy asset for society.
  • We support the right of people to make their own choices by creating conditions that help them do so. We empower them to influence issues that affect themselves and their communities.
  • We are inclusive and recognize that some people may need additional support to overcome the barriers they face.
  • We believe in partnerships. By sharing our expertise and resources with our partners and beneficiaries, our limited resources are better used and the public better served.

Values we cherish

We cherish high professional standards, creativity, innovation and learning, collaboration and partnerships. We are reliable and trustworthy and take responsibility for our actions. We encourage open communication, both among employees and with our partners.

Caritas Internationalis

Caritas Egypt is affiliated to the Caritas International Confederation, a network of Catholic charities. “Caritas will work towards putting the human family and human dignity at the heart of development.” Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Caritas President and Archbishop of Manila Caritas Internationalis was founded In December 1951 by thirteen Roman Catholic organizations active in the field of charity, social work, and humanitarian emergencies. Since then Caritas Internationalis has expanded to a worldwide network of 165 organizations, with a permanent presence in most of the world’s countries. Caritas Internationalis comes into action when an emergency occurs. However, it has a wider scope. Acting on its Christian values, the Caritas organizations collaborate all over the world with the poor, the vulnerable and the excluded, regardless of their race or religion.


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Caritas Organisation

Caritas Egypt projects thrive with competent and dedicated people: visionary leaders, competent managers and committed staff. A well-balanced group of people that complement and respect each other and collaborate as ‘one’. People that are diverse in background, gender, age. All supported by a clear vision and strategy.

In 2016 Caritas has started the implementation of a new organisational structure to strengthen its operations. The new structure enables mutually reinforcing departments that create collective impact in communities, with clear roles and accountabilities for groups and individuals.